Opportunities and Threats

Your potential is based in part on your strengths and weaknesses, and how you use these. It is also based on how you respond to opportunities and threats


Positive things that can improve your life are opportunities.


Negative things that can make your life hard are threats.


Not everyone has the same opportunities or threats in life. We all are different people with different strengths. Some opportunities are best for people with certain strengths, but all people have opportunities in their life, some much larger where everyone sees and some much smaller where it can even be hard for you to see.


The threats we have in our life are different from person to person. Some are easier to see and some are harder to see. Sometimes other people see threats (and opportunities) in our life before we do. Find these people and learn from them.


When considering the opportunities in your life, you also have to consider any threats that may come with these opportunities. When looking at any threats in your life, you have to consider if there are any opportunities that are much more than the opportunity. When you do this you are considering risk versus reward.


Most of the time in life, we will have opportunities and we will also have threats. We have to take advantage of the opportunities that make sense for us and avoid threats because threats make our life hard.


We all have opportunities and threats. Find your opportunities and stay away from threats.

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