Solving Problems

The SWOT Analysis can be used to solve problems, and the best way to solve whatever problem is before us is by understanding our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. By organizing our thinking when it comes to the problems we have, the more likely we are to develop the best response to solve the problem.

All of us have problems, and most of the learning we receive in school is designed to better understand the world around us to respond to the problems we face. The disciplines through which we are taught include math, writing, reading, science, and social studies. If there weren’t problems to solve, these learning disciplines wouldn’t be necessary.

Math helps us to solve problems using numbers. Sometimes we count, and at other times we use formulas to arrive at the best answer. Most of the problems we solve with math are quantitative in nature, meaning we are trying to determine a number.

Writing helps us to record our observations of what the problem is so that others can use our written words to determine if the problem is solved and whatever the situation is that caused the problem is stable or not.

Reading allows us to interpret the written words of others to evaluate their methods of problem-solving to see how these would apply in our situations. Science and Social Study will contribute to the reading we do to solve problems.

Social Studies looks at problems around the world and how different cultures and societies have worked around their problems. We need to determine if their solution will work in our case or not.

Science has at its heart and core, the scientific method, which is a method of problem solving where the variable is isolated. By controlling the dynamics of how we see the problem using the scientific method, we are less likely to determine a wrong answer.

One overlooked strategy in completing a SWOT Analysis is using the education we have been given as a tool to determine workable solutions to the problem.

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